More news on PWC Doves Landing Park Plan

Just an FYI on the park. Seth at PWC Parks has not and doesn’t intend to change the current Doves Landing plan. This means we must ask the BOCS to amend it with the changes we want when they go to vote.
They will meet and vote on the plan on Tuesday, October 11th at 7:30 p.m. at 1 County Complex Ct. Prince William, VA 22192.  Arrive at 6:30 if you want to speak.  WEAR GREEN
At this point, its best to continue to follow our 3-step action plan and do them again if you haven’t already;
1. Sign the petition and share it. (We have almost 300 plus the 150 we got on the paper petition)
2. Email the BOCS twice a week now through 10/11.
3. Go to the meeting on Oct. 11th at 2 pm., 1 County Complex Ct.
Woodbridge, VA 22192

Call to Action on Doves Landing Park – Your Help Is Needed

PWC Parks wants to create a new road, parking lot, and facilities at the end of Doves Lane. This would create a new second park access point down a narrow, quiet gravel road surrounded by private homes. PWCS will not send a bus down Doves Lane because of the bus drivers’ concerns about the road and PWC maintains the road just twice a year due to erosion and washout. There is also no sidewalk for children to use who are forced to walk to the bus pick-up, some as far as .8 miles each way. To see what the Doves Lane road looks like

The current park access point does not have a gate to close the park after dark and neighboring residents consistently report paraphernalia and suspicious activity and persons at the park.

The county contends that the new access point will not create increased traffic but for a dead-end road any traffic open to the general public will be a substantial increase.  Secondly, if the county believes there will be very little increased traffic, why do they believe they need a second parking lot to supplement the parking lot they already have on the paved portion of Doves?

Creating a second parking lot with water access will absolutely increase the traffic on the gravel portion of Doves Lane, which will negatively impact the current dead-end road by eliminating the privacy and security the residents currently have. Given the fact that there is no sidewalk, the neighboring 12 children who have to walk to/from the bus stop on Doves Lane will no doubt be affected by the strangers, trucks, SUVs, and trailers coming down the narrow “unpassable” gravel road.

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Tires dumped at Broad Run

A total of 22 tires were dumped at the Broad Run. Some were still on the rims. Vice President John Youngblut took 4 to the county dump and Mike Melville picked up the remaining 18 tires. We were able to drop 4 off for free. The cost to BFRA to dispose of the remaining tires was $19.50. Please do not leave tires, car parts, or trash at the Run. Clean up after yourself. We appreciate the help.

The BFRA Annual Meeting was held on April 10, 2021

The Bradley Forest Recreation Association met on Saturday April 10, 2021 from 10 a.m. to noon. The purpose of the meetings was to pay annual dues, exchange keys to the Run and hold officer elections. Unfortunately no one stayed longer than to get the key and pay dues. The officers will continue in the present positions until next year’s meeting.

  • President – Liz Knox
  • Vice President – John Youngblut
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Anne Melville
  • Board of Directors – Doug Ramey

If any member in good standing would like a copy of the 2020 Income and Expense Report contact Anne Melville via email. Use the email she used to send reminders about the meeting

One member asked what their dues are used for:

  • In order to keep the land at the clubhouse and at the run we are required to maintain both properties keeping them mowed and presentable
  • Pay for electric and gas at the clubhouse
  • Pay for maintenance of the clubhouse building
  • File and pay annual state corporation report and fees
  • Removal of downed/dangerous trees
  • Purchase of lock and keys for same. Locks are rotated and rekeyed when possible.
  • Postage
  • webhosting and domain name fees
  • Supplies for the fishing tournament (when held) including rods, reels, tackle boxes for the children, food for children after the tournament

What is asked of members?

  • help clean up at the run and clubhouse
  • don’t leave trash at the run or clubhouse
  • park inside the gates at the run
  • Do not block access to the boat ramp.
  • Most important of all Volunteer officers do not get paid to hold office. We need your help!

A special thank you to members Mrs. & Mrs. Lyons who conducted a clean up of the boat ramp and the back gate to pond on Smithfield road areas on Sat. 20 Mar. They also cleaned up the bridge and the approaches to the bridge. They collected 5 bags of trash, several pieces of scrap metal, construction debris, and a rusted out gasoline tank. Mr. Lyons pulled a motor cycle out of the run. At another time they picked up the 4 tires that were dumped down by the boat ramp area and took them to the dump.

Mr. Thornton has volunteered to pick up the motor cycle body at the run and dispose of it.

Respectfully submitted
Anne Melville-Secretary/Treasurer

Problem tree at the Run-June 8-10, 2020

BFRA officers met via email and agreed that one of the trees near the water at the run was dead and posed a threat to members using the run.  It was unanimously agreed to pay for the tree to be cut down.  The tree was removed on 6/10/2020.  The Club President paid $500.00 to Lester Heath for the removal of the tree.  The Secretary/Treasurer will write a check from club funds to reimburse her.

Respectfully submitted, Anne Melville Secretary/Treasurer

2019 BFRA Key Exchange

We will have a brief meeting on Saturday April 27 from 8 to 10 a.m. at the clubhouse to collect old keys and pass out new ones.

Due to the large number of keys which do not get returned, a $25 refundable key deposit will be added this year for all members and from this point forward for all new members. Each member will need to fill out and sign a new copy of the rules and the release of liability form. I will have them with me.

I will be changing the lock Saturday morning (April 27th) before the meeting. As always you may make out your check to Bradley Forest Recreation Association; we will also accept cash. Please let me know if you have an questions or concerns. Don’t forget to bring your 2018 key with you.