Terms and Use

1)      Membership dues are $100.00 per year. A $25 one-time key deposit is also charged.  Upon termination of membership, the deposit will be refunded if the member returns the key.  All refunded deposits will be payable by check from BFRA.

2)      Members are encouraged to participate in community projects.  They are encouraged to present their project ideas to the President.

3)      Keys must be returned yearly with membership renewal.

4)      Members are responsible for keys to the gate at the boat ramp (run).  If lost, there will be a replacement charge of $100.00.  Report lost keys immediately.

5)      The gate at the boat ramp must be locked immediately after entry and immediately after departure.  Do not leave the gate unlocked for any reason other than an emergency.

6)      No washing of boats or vehicles on the boat ramp.

7)      Launch watercraft at your own risk.

8)      Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult when using the boat ramp.

9)      No swimming at the boat ramp (run) or pond.

10)   All guests must be escorted by a member in good standing at all times.

11)   Keys are the property of Bradley Forest Recreation Association, Inc. and will be confiscated if given or loaned to unauthorized persons.

12)   Report to the president any person using the facilities that is not a member or who is violation of the rules of use.

13)   Every member is responsible for keeping the areas clean and free of trash.  This includes all areas at the pond, around the building, and at the boat ramp (run).

14)   Members are responsible for all damages to facilities caused by themselves or their guests.