Doves Landing Park – Your Help Is Needed

Click this link to sign the petition:  Petition to Amend the Doves Landing Park’s Master Plan to Focus Public Access – We Need Your Help!!

PWC Parks wants to create a new road, parking lot, and facilities at the end of Doves Lane. This would create a new second park access point down a narrow, quiet gravel road surrounded by private homes. PWCS will not send a bus down Doves Lane because of the bus drivers’ concerns about the road and PWC maintains the road just twice a year due to erosion and washout. There is also no sidewalk for children to use who are forced to walk to the bus pick-up, some as far as .8 miles each way. To see what the Doves Lane road looks like

The current park access point does not have a gate to close the park after dark and neighboring residents consistently report paraphernalia and suspicious activity and persons at the park.

The county contends that the new access point will not create increased traffic but for a dead-end road any traffic open to the general public will be a substantial increase.  Secondly, if the county believes there will be very little increased traffic, why do they believe they need a second parking lot to supplement the parking lot they already have on the paved portion of Doves?

Creating a second parking lot with water access will absolutely increase the traffic on the gravel portion of Doves Lane, which will negatively impact the current dead-end road by eliminating the privacy and security the residents currently have. Given the fact that there is no sidewalk, the neighboring 12 children who have to walk to/from the bus stop on Doves Lane will no doubt be affected by the strangers, trucks, SUVs, and trailers coming down the narrow “unpassable” gravel road.

Doves Landing Plan as presented on 14 July 2022:

PWC Parks Doves Landing Meeting:

Bradley Forest Neighborhood Petition to Move Access Point:

1. Sign the petition. Share the petition via Social Media or via email.
2. Email the Prince William County Board of Supervisors. Twice a week starting now until the October 11th vote. See below for draft text and email addresses.

PWC Board of Supervisors Emails:

Additional Contacts:, Erica Tredinnick, Brentsville District Commissioner, Christian Thom (He works for Ann Wheeler and leads the Commissioner), Jane Beyer, Coles District Commissioner

Email Suggestion:


On July 14th, 2022, Prince William County Parks and Recreation presented a plan to expand the existing Doves Landing Park, as outlined in the pdf document found here:,

The PDF, titled Doves Landing 220712_Master Plan B (Figure 1 of this petition.), outlines several proposed improvements to the park which will increase the traffic on the narrow gravel portion of Doves Lane. The residents of Bradley Forrest specifically do not want additional traffic brought into the portion of the neighborhood serviced by the unimproved, narrow gravel road.

The intent of this petition is to convince the county to limit the expansion of park development to the area immediately in the vicinity of 9305 Doves Ln, Manassas, VA 20112. This is the area of the park where the existing parking lot is located. And furthermore, to amend the plan as presented at the July 14th, 2022 meeting to remove any additional development which would direct traffic (either car, horse, foot traffic, or otherwise) down the narrow gravel portion of Doves Lane. (Click here to see what this road looks like now).

The citizens of Prince Wiliam County, have signed the two (2) attached petitions, which are titled Bradley Forest – Doves Landing Petition_001.pdf & Bradley Forest – Doves Landing Petition_002.pdf, indicating their strong opposition to the proposed expansion of the Doves Landing Park.

These petitions were hand-delivered to PWC Parks and Recreation on 19 August 2022.  Rather than listen to the desires of the neighborhood and amend their plan to reduce the traffic on Doves, the PWC Parks and Recreation Amended the plan presented on 14 July 2022, to include the addition of a kayak launch and a road to reach the launch which follows the power lines off Doves Lane. This new plan was presented at a meeting held at 7:00 p.m. on the 14th of September. The 14 September meeting was not announced until the same day at 5:27 pm!

The PWC Parks and Recreation department is refusing to listen to the concerns of the Bradley Forest community and is instead doubling down on their proposed plan to develop the park using the gravel portion of Doves Lane as their new access point.

The Doves Landing Park Master Plan should be amended to remove any access via the gravel portion of Doves and add any new features to the park using the existing access point located at 9305 Doves Lane.


We implore you to vote NO to adding the new road, parking lot and facilities to this portion of the PWC Parks plan to improve the Doves Landing Park.

Thank you for your prompt response and attention to this matter.


Your Name & address

3. Attend the BOCS meeting Sept. 20th and October 11th and/or sign up to speak at the meeting.

  1. Sept. 20th 2 pm & 7 pm, Agenda
  2. Oct. 11th 2 pm & 7 pm, Agenda TBD (Rumors are that the vote will happen at the 2 pm meeting, we are working on verifying that)