Meeting Minutes


Officers had a quick meeting at the club house.

Meeting began at 7:45 pm.

Present were:
John Youngblut
Jennifer Matisans
Doug Ramey
Don Gordon
Bill Flattery

The President presented the Treasurers report produced by Karen Lyle to the group.

New Business

·         There will be no fishing tournament this year.  Due mostly to the lack of a suitable place to hold a fishing tournament.  The water is down in Lake Jackson, and there is a large amount of vegetation that has grown around the Fontanella's pond off Brentsville Road.  The plan is to start planning now for next year’s fishing derby and make it a big one.

·         Boat dock will remain where it is until the water comes back up.  At which point we'll need to disconnect the corner brackets and slide them over the poles then reattach them.  Or we could cut the brackets and slide them around the poles and re-weld them.

·         John is going to talk with Ronny Lee and the Moose board of officers about removing the gates at the road front.

·         John is also going to purchase a sign to be placed near the road, that says:

Bradley Forest Recreation Association Members and Guests

·         We'll pick a couple dates for getting together at the club house to continue repairs to the interior, exterior, and yard work.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15.