Meeting Minutes

August 8, 2015

I.      Call to order

John Youngblut, President called to order the regular meeting of the Bradley Forest Recreation Association, Inc. at 8:00 a.m. on August 8, 2015 at the BFRA Club House.

II.      Roll call

The following persons were present: John Youngblut, Chuck Hite, Doug Ramey, Sheri Holdaway, Frank Foss, Anne Driscoll, Mike Melville, Liz Knox, Cary Knox, Jo Anne Bennett, and Curly Bennett

III.      New business

a)      Election of Officers – Thank  you to outgoing officers

     John Youngblut – President

     Jennifer Matisans – Vice President

     Karen Lyle – Treasurer / Secretary


The following members were nominated and duly elected  for the 2015/16 year

     Liz Knox –President

     John Youngblut –Vice President

     Anne  Driscoll – Secretary/Treasurer

     Chuck Hite, Doug Ramey, Bill Flattery will remain directors


b)      Distribution of new keys for the Broad Run property

     The lock will be changed after today’s meeting.  John will send an email to all members

     Membership dues of $100,  return of the 2014/15 key, and a copy of the BFRA rules must be signed before a key for 2015/16 will be issued


c)       Membership dues – a motion was made that if anyone becomes a member during the current calendar year, before the locks are changed, they will not need to pay membership dues until the next time the lock is changed.  For example a person becomes a member in February and the lock is changed in March, he/she will not pay dues until the next time the lock is changed. The motion passed.


d)      Use of BFRA Clubhouse and boat ramp at the Broad Run. – A motion was made that that immediate family (children and grandchildren) may be allowed to use the BFRA facilities. Motion passed.


e)      A motion was made to purchase a new sign for the BFRA which includes a portion for next meeting.  The sign will be posted on the road to the clubhouse.  The motion passed.


f)       At Risk Signs – A motion was made and seconded to post at risk signs at the Broad Run property (11602 Sinclair Lane ) and the fishing  pond at the Club House (11508 Smithfield Rd.).  Motion passed.


g)      A motion was made to give Glen Hall a key for the year in exchange for his cutting of the grass at the Broad Run property (11602 Sinclair Lane).  Motion passed.


h)      Boundaries of the properties

     It appears that some of the boundary markers have been moved on the property.

     Need to see if we can determine where they are currently located and compare against the plat map in the club house

     We may need to get a new plat map

     We may need to have the property surveyed to determine that the boundaries of not been shifted.


i)        Work Party – immediately following this meeting, members will:

     Patch holes on the outside of the building made by squirrels with tin

     Patch and spackle holes inside the clubhouse made by the squirrels

     Mow and weed eat the clubhouse property and at the fish pond

     Install a new cable to hold up the gate at the Broad Run property

     Change the lock at the Broad Run  property

     Change the signature cards at the bank removing the outgoing officers and adding the incoming officers


j)        Membership drive – a motion was made to increase membership within the BFRA by canvassing the neighborhood with flyers to tell people about the BFRA.  Motion passed

     Sheri Holdaway volunteered to design fliers

     Sheri Holdaway will compile a list of addresses in the neighborhood.

     Sheri and Liz volunteered to put them on people’s mailboxes


IV.      Adjournment

John Youngblut, President adjourned the meeting at 9:30 a.m.

Minutes submitted by:  Anne Driscoll, Secretary/Treasurer